I am not really sure what is going on in the domain name world? I am getting a lot of fake domain name purchase offers lately. Maybe this is just part of the business? Not really sure. I do know this. I have received offers for a few domain names in the past week to a week in a half and it seems like they are fake offers. If you are wondering what a fake offer is, this is my experience lately.

I have a domain name someone is interested in. We agree on a price. We agree on a service like Escrow.com to handle the transaction. I log into my Escrow.com account and start a transaction. I enter in the purchasers email address and all the information as far as price, what the product is and so on. I add the amount of days he or she has to look over the purchase terms, like 2-5 days. Then it comes down to paying for the domain. They disappear.

This is a big waste of time to me. I do not know why someone would lead me or even other people on and not follow through with the purchase and just disappear? Makes no sense to me. But I will say this. Most of these potential customers spent a lot of time getting to a price to just throw it all away. One of my most recent offers included a string of 28 emails back and forth to agree on price and terms and etc. Have any of you have similar experiences lately? I would love to hear from you.

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