I have been trying a few different things in monetizing my domains for the past 6 months. I have had a nice trial and error period, to say the least. I tried 4 different parking companies, mini sites, blogs and full blown websites. The thing I found out is that I was not concentrating on any one thing, but instead, I was all over the radar. I was not focused. I did not take each domain and try different things with it. I tried the same thing with all of my domains. That was a mistake.

I was reading a blog the other day and it taught me that not all domains should be treated the same. The author goes on to teach and tell about his experiences with monetizing his domains. He explains how it is much easier to monetize a domain with large keywords such as real estate, dating, relationships, education and electronics. Also, it is much more difficult to monetize a domain name that has no keywords or bad keywords. Therefore, domains should not be treated the same.

Domain monetization is a trial and error process of which method works well for you. I personally liked the parked pages with added features. It help in SEO and page rankings. In my personal opinion, I like the look of companies like SmartName, Domain Sponsor and Fabulous. Feel free to check those companies out if you are into domain parking. If you are not someone who likes parking, try mini-sites. It seems that minisites are working well for a lot of people in the domain industry.

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