This week I added another name I wanted to talk about, The name is catchy to begin with and is cool to end with. Lol. I just love this domain because of the many meanings it can have. Shoulder Candy can obviously be a dating site for beautiful women. Men sometimes call their beautiful lady on their shoulder their candy. Shoulder Candy would work. can also be a designer purse portal for women’s purses. I have the domain simply set up just like this. Currently I have the name parked at Smartname and have it set up as an ecommerce website. Here, you can shop all the top purse name brands and find that perfect purse from all over the world.

The nice part of having a ecommerce site set up through Smartname is that consumers can select the price range of an item or the name brand and the site automatically populates a large variety of purses from all of the web including ebay and other large websites. The pay out is a PPC system just like other parked services but this one has the look and feel of a website.

The other nice thing the ecommerce site gives its users is the availability to purchase right on the spot. I am not sure if you have checked out the parking services from Smartname lately but look at and see their ecommerce site and for a regular parked page.

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