Hey guys, what a great week this has been. I had the awesome opportunity to meet my new daughter. What an experience to be in the delivery room while your baby is being born. New life is a joy to see. Also, my portfolio has seen some new life lately as well. I wanted to write about some of the new purchases I have made and get some feedback on them. These domains are not million dollar domains. Most of these have some potential though.

I will just list them below. When I buy a domain I generally think of the potential the name has to be bought buy an end user first, then I look at the “coolness” or “brandability” of the name second. That does not mean that these names will be sold for more money or anything like that. I buy as a hobby first and if later down the road it leads to something greater, great! I am in the business of making money as well. So, I try to buy names that I can either cater to a simple website with CPC or lead generation or one that has potential to be sold for more money. The names below are just hand reg names or dropped names. The most recent sold names that I hand regged are NavigationGlasses.com and Encouragemint.com. NavigationGlasses.com was sold at the TRAFFIC 2012 conference in Florida. Encouragemint.com was a private sale.

Here is a small list of newly added names recently.

CripplingSanction.com – Heard Obama say it 15 times in the debate so I bought it.
BoiseIdaho.info – Geo .info isn’t too bad for me. It was FREE.

Obviously I like long tail domain names as well. These for the most part are not as valuable as short domain names but they do have a nice chance to resell them to dealers, manufacturers or businesses in that particular industry. The sales will not be as large, but a lot of $1,500-$3,000 sales for domains you only paid $8.00 for is a really nice return. I will be posting more updates on domain names that have been bought and sold in the industry as well as updates on my domain purchases, even if they are funny and long tails. I am not sure if any of you reading this watch the Jersey Shore but I picked up SmushRoom.com which is a funny domain name. I want to wish everyone out there a good time domaining and hope you all make money and be happy, if that is your goal!

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