Hi ladies and gentlemen. I hope all is well with everyone this evening. I wanted to talk about my recent domain name purchases and my approach to buying. Buying in my opinion is broken down into 4 categories.

1. Buying to re-sell.
2. Buying to develop.
3. Buying to keep … investing.
4. Buying because it is a addiction.

I am a buyer for all of the above reasons. I was addicted to just buying domains. And, believe or not, it can happen to any of us. I am trying to become more laser focused on the top 3 categories and leave number 4 alone for a while. I try to think about a domain purchase as whether or not I can see the name being built out by me or someone else. Here are a few of my recent purchases below.

NameLeaser.com and NameLeasers.com. Obviously domain name leasing is becoming more and more popular each and every day. Almost like a try before you buy. Or better yet, a lease to own program for people or start ups that can not afford to put a large amount of money into a property and they can use the property to see if it will work. I bought these names just in case I wanted to build them out and I can see these names being picked up by someone else who is in that niche heavily. Who know. I know they are for sale until I build.

PearlyBeach.com. This is an actual beach in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. I have always enjoyed buying “beach” domains in .com that are actual spots or destination spots. Hence the reason I bought OrioleBeach.com, ArlieBeach.com and several others. There could be a buyer out there for these but geo domains are pretty valuable. Cool to own them.

EliminateEczema.com. This is a domain that I have personal experience with. My daughter at an early age suffered with Eczema pretty bad on her arms and around her eyes. I tried to eliminate it with several creams and ointments. I know this is a problem and people will buy things to eliminate it. Also, I can see an ointment company could one day want this name to promote their products.

TripMonster.com. I bought this name to resell it. I got a 250 times return on my money in less than a month. That makes you feel good when that happens. Obviously this is a awesome domain name and has great branding potential. The new owner has already turned it into a website and will be very successful with it I am sure.

I will share more of my domain name purchases and experiences as I have more. I have some exciting news coming soon so be sure to check back with me soon to find out about my most recent projects. Thanks for reading and share this article please.

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