The domain conference TRAFFIC is coming up this weekend. This will be my first domain conference that I have ever personally attended. Obviously I am looking forward to it. You can read more about the conference, activities and schedule at their website over at

I have been reading about the past shows and they look like a lot of fun. I look forward to meeting and speaking with the fellow domainers and getting to know them a little better. One of the things I love about the domain industry is how friendly and helpful the “big guys” in the industry have been to me. I am blown away by that. I have only been in the domain industry a few years, since 2010 and I have a true passion for it. I do not know of any other industry where you can speak directly to the top players in the industry and they want to speak back to me and actually help me along the way. I have emailed and even spoke to Rick Schwartz, Frank Schilling at, Adam Dicker at Niche Websites and many others.

I also wanted to mention Michael Cyger and his website over at If you have not had the opportunity to watch any of his videos, please take time and do that. They are very educational. It is also very nice to learn about how others in the industry have been successful starting businesses around their domains. He is now doing a portfolio review with a panel of 4 great leaders in the industry and they are a blast to watch. Check him out as he is a very important part of our industry and educating us in the field.

The TRAFFIC conference is being help in Ft. Lauderdale Florida at the Ritz Carlton. This is going to be a very important trip for me and I am looking forward to making more friends in the industry. They have Cabana Parties, A Live Domain Auction, A Conference and lots of networking. It’s going to be fun. I will be back after the show and fill everyone in on the show and give a nice recap of what happened, how the auction ended up doing and more. Stay tuned.

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