business3Hey ladies and gentlemen, today my post is about the next and exciting extension to hit the internet, .la. I call it new and exciting and I personally like it. I am not sure if it will take off or not, who really knows. I also liked .co too. I like .co because it is brandable and you can get good domain names at a discounted price. Now, is it as good as .com? No. Is it even close to as good as .com? No. I think no matter how many extensions come out, .com will always be king. This should stay the same for a little while longer. I am not exactly what affect the .whatever will have on the industry or the internet in general.

The nice thing I like about new extensions is that you do not have to go crazy and buy a lot of them, you can test the market and purchase or register a few at a decent price. I personally have purchased a few thus far. The ones I have bought are,,, and I believe that the .la extension can bring some excitement for the city of Los Angeles too. I am not sure if I will get a good return on my money spent or not? But I feel that the names are decent and they have an opportunity to sell.

What are your ideas of the next extensions? Are you going to purchase any for resale? Are you going to purchase any and build it out? I think they are cool if your name is Kayla and you can get or something as well. Let me know your thoughts below. If you have purchased any names and would like to share any please list them below.

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