I am not sure if you are a domain seller, domain buyer or just visit the blog to get information but DNLots.com has launched. They are still working out a lot of kinks on the site so be patient with them. At DNLots.com you can list your domains for sale for free in auction style or buy it now style, and all for free. That’s right! The Dollar package is FREE listings until they reach 100 members.

Be sure you stop by there and check out the listings they already have showing. It looks like they are getting a lot of good listings and there are several more to come. If you are looking to buy a name, get a great deal on a name or a new place to list your names, DNLots.com is it. They offer 4 different packages. The Dollar Package is usually $1.00. The Bronze Package is $3.00. The Silver Package is $10.00 and the Gold Package is $20.00. The site plans to add a lot more “features” to their listings than they currently offer. Currently there top listing is still 30% less than the competition.

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