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My First Trip To A Domain Conference ….. TRAFFIC

The domain conference TRAFFIC is coming up this weekend. This will be my first domain conference that I have ever personally attended. Obviously I am looking forward to it. You …

Domain Names Dropping Tomorrow 8/29/13

I have went through thousands of domain names and I am going to highlight the domains that caught my attention. Many of these names will be available to register tomorrow. …

My New Domain Name Acquisitions This Week And My Thoughts

Hi ladies and gentlemen. I hope all is well with everyone this evening. I wanted to talk about my recent domain name purchases and my approach to buying. Buying in …


Do you like .la domain name extension?

Hey ladies and gentlemen, today my post is about the next and exciting extension to hit the internet, .la. I call it new and exciting and I personally like it. …


My Domain Sales That Are Now Full Websites By Companies

I always think it is really neat when a sale is made and there is a greater purpose behind the sale. No matter what business you are in I feel …

Nice Domains Dropping Tomorrow

There are a lot of nice domains dropping tomorrow May 27th 2013. I am going to list a few of my personal favorites below. There are also some nice names …’s Frank Schilling has a great video

Here is a great video from Frank Schilling about the importance of a exact match domain name. He explains just how rare they are and how few their actually are … Now for Sale LLLL Domain Name

The domain name is for sale. There have been numerous LLLL .com domain name sales this year and especially last year. Some of the sales have been – …

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