I get an email late one night recently and in the email was a very promising offer for a domain that I own. The domain was a name that I have owned for a year or so. The first email was really simple and said the following.

“Hello, how much do you want for the domain name ________.com?
It was listed for sale. I am interested in purchasing it from you. I invest in web projects and domains.
If you have more names for sale please send me a list.

Best regards,
Joshua _______

I was really excited. I get offers regularly but generally they go like this. “I will give you $100 for PatriotAct.com.” I say no. They go away. But this seemed sincere, sorta staged, but sincere. I responded the next morning that the domain is for sale and for him to make his best offer on the domain. The potential buyer responded back really quick with “how about $5,000?”

That caught my attention because the buyer seemed legit and made a nice offer on the domain. I wanted more for the domain and asked for $25,000 feeling this is a fair price. He came back to me about 6 hours later and we had agreed on price. Now I am getting really excited. He said the price was fair and he agreed to pay that ……… but. The next email said this. Here is the exact email to look for.

“25000? In order to process with the deal I need two small things to be accomplished.

1. I need a valuation certificate.

We need a good in depth analysis made by experts but not an automated free service. Without it we both can’t be sure in the price.

2. I need a trademark verification as well. Just a formality to be sure you have no problems with trademarks.

Good companies offers this as a part of appraisal. I asked in the forum about reliable valuation/TM verification services.

Please read this information:


If the evaluation comes higher you can change your asking price. After you send me the professional evaluation via email (usually it takes one day to obtain it) we’ll be doing business.

Best regards,



That is when things went south. I knew it was a scam and that he was not interested in my domain name but only interested in selling me some type of appraisal. I’ve seen many other people who get this type of email. They keep saying they will buy the name once the appraisal comes in. Then they disappear. That nice sale is gone. They get your money for the appraisal and leave and you never hear back from them. Be cautious of this scam as they will also make you feel bad for asking them if this is a scam.

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